Wednesday, May 27, 2009




By J. Roel Lungay a.k.a. Fro

I'm no regular blogger by any chance, if that's what one who loves blogging is called these days. I might be more of a song-blogger - if there's any tag like that at all - for that's what I love to do: blogging songs. More than anything else. Well, I do some little write ups every now and then but they are really neglible for the most part, except at some obvious attempts to get ideas out but real-hard-fought struggle nonetheless, and still is, trying to stay alive, as if barely saved from being drowned or being chased by sharks in the middle of the Pacific without an island to seek refuge to (hahaha).

But I'm here anyway. And my songs, too. The titles you see on the right-hand-side - the other column - are some of the works I've done over the years. Some others are in separate blogsites (see Roro Music, Dear Jesus and Christian Art Song links). I've decided to separate some that are produced, arranged and performed by other artists other than myself. I really prefer being tagged as a songwriter than a "singing guy." Or that I prefer to write stuff than to perform one. I guess, I just don't feel comfortable singing in front of people anymore like I used to when I was a little younger (I thought I was even willing to jump off a cliff if they would just let me hold on to a mic and sing, hahaha!). What a shame, huh!

For some reason the fervor of singing and/or performing had made a 180-degree turn and I find myself running away or going the other direction except that some singing responsibility is being placed on my lap, "it" being a part of the journey I chose to lead and live in life. No, not as an artist... but the "other" call I'm so proud of, but prefer not to write about much, here at least (I thought the blog title says enough). And, music, being music, has always been my companion on the journey! Music has always been a good buddy of mine, needless to say.

(To be continued... still waiting for the next inspiration to come by, hahaha)



Let Us Come is a very storied song in its small way. It was written sometime in 1980 but only as a contest-filler. The music department of the Immaculate Heart of Mary Seminary in Bohol (Philippines) initiated a songwriting contest on the basic parts of the Mass (Entrance, Alleluia, Offertory, Communion and Recessional) under the direction of then transitional deacon, Rev. Oriel "Wiwit" Echavia, the music director. The rule of the contest stated that for the contest to proceed or kick off 5 entries must be entered for each of the category mentioned.

Deadline came and entries were in, except the Communion category which lacked one song. And that's where the whole story began...

The Music Director end up approaching me (I think it was by chance) and asked if I could write something quick to add to the communion entries for that particular category to pull off, to which I obliged. I ran up to my cubicle back in our college dorm and did what I was asked to do. But where do I start? I asked. Catching up one's breath after that little running surely didn't help facilitate the inspiration I needed (LoL). But for some reason, I saw the bible in my room kind of staring at me as if inviting to open it. And so I did. Well, the very passage I end up opening was the theme on the Bread of Life by the Evangelist John. And knowing that there's already a song (I Am The Bread of Life) dealing with that subject, I was at first hesitant. And if I go on try another passage, what would it be? So I decided to stay put.

Without much experience on songwriting, I just kind of started scribbling lines - and humming at the same time - as I went along 'til voila! Without even realizing it I finished what is now Let Us Come.

After so many attempts at recording this piece since my seminary days in Bohol and Tagaytay in the early 80s I can finally say "thank God, the journey's over. And with this, a new one begins... for this song. (Fro 6/2/09)