Monday, May 25, 2009

Song Of Confidence, Dedication & Warning

(Dedicated to Mariquit Derikito Oppus & Rian Borja Hauser)

Words and music by J. Roel Lungay

Performed by Romeo Mascarinas

I write this song for you to know I care
It’s simple but it’s heart’ly dedicated
To both of you, you know
I’ll sing it even though the night is cold.

I want you sing this song and follow me
Up where the moon and stars, and midnight dream
You swear you’ll be good girls
And keep as secrets all that I have shared.

La la la la…
La la la la…
La la la la…
La la la la la la.

Hello, Rian, you’re one
Marikit, you, too, I have to warn
This song is simple but it’s “hit & run”
You’ve got to tell no one I am the man.

I know it isn’t easy to make some fun
The more it isn’t easy to be a nun
Somehow, somewhere or when
Just sing it “sprinkling can.”
Don’t criticize what you don’t understand.

(Repeat 3)

I do write songs coz I’m a lonely man
Do write me letters if you understand
For you to know I’m one
Who always place myself at your command.

(Repeat Chorus 2x)


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