Monday, May 25, 2009

Touch Of Heaven

Words by Michael Dubina. Used by permission of New Hope Books

Music by Fr. J. Roel Lungay

Fiddle arr. by Fr. J. Roel Lungay & David "Puddin" Russell

Performed by Juli Maners

Keyboards and strings by Gerry Peters

Fiddle by David "Puddin" Russell

Mastered by Roy Tutor
Tagbilaran City, Bohol

I can see the gifts of glory
God has willed to earth and man,
But their miracles of splendor
I will never understand.

I can see a touch of heaven
In the flowers that He sowed
For they bear the awe of stardust
And a twilight's afterglow.

Works of majesty and wonder -
That are everywhere I look -
From an ocean's wild enchantment
To a peaceful, forest brook.

(Repeat Chorus)

Does not matter where I wander -
Day or night, on land or sea -
Everywhere, I see the glories
He has willed to earth and me.

(Repeat Chorus twice)

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All rights reserved